General Investment Notes

The NTPI Investment Vision includes capital structure design engineering elements integrated with the NTPI Enterprise Vision and the NTPI-Member-Personnel Options. Very interesting opportunities for transactions have been developed to invest, contribute, develop, custom build, acquire or deploy.

What is really remarkable, a series of parallel accounts are available with awesome escape velocity to move far away from the complexities, conditions, jurisdictions, regulations, securities and prospectus requirements and so on, that simplifies and increases the range of options available without actually being a direct investor, and simultaneously being involved according to ability, interest, present and future plans or individual preference.

There are many people who have non-performing diversified investments with no main purpose or focus. Also, there is under-utilized cash, idle resources without opportunity or capacity or life spark to change the vitality of the industrial economic landscape.

Imagine the creation of new technology, capabilities, wealth, products, services, careers or jobs. Imagine optimizing resources and investment, your choice, create the future.

As an individual with control of their resources, there are excellent relevant options for any portfolio that puts you in the portfolio drivers seat!

For the economic nationalists who like private equity and venture capital with long term enterprise and product development, there is design engineering, R & D, awesome projects, amazing technology, products and services, new wealth generation and solid quality good paying family rated careers that are challenging and rewarding.

Working share owners invested with passion, enthusiasm, heart and soul, with an incredible vision and imagination are free to explore the mass x velocity continuum, to build and optimize for the long term future and the ever present moment of right here and right now.

We realize that we can do a whole lot of nothing, or we can do something that will enable and augment strategic performance capabilities to do almost anything in an integrated, bold and visionary program that will make our everyday life in Canada, incredibly more exciting, challenging and rewarding.

See the Dynamic
NTPI Investment Vision-1.pdf and see something amazing!

Please contact us directly, or contact and join a company associated with us:

Capital Vault Incorporated and Intergalactic Securities & Management Corporation

If you or your investment advisor does not know about the most awesome national industrial economic portfolio in Canada, that is a national renaissance, - will be a massive surprise!

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