National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion Incorporated
Advanced Projects Portfolio - Engines Research and Development

● NTPI-Aerospike-ACN : Velocity Series : linear aerospike rocket engines

● NTPI-Aerospike-ACN : "Velocity" series of rocket engines with altitude compensating nozzles:
● variable geometry linear aerospike;
● variable nozzle vector control and variable throttle control thrust vectoring;
● primary and secondary stage fuel flow;
● thrust vectoring and multi-fuel manifolds;
● air breathing and Lox (liquid oxygen);
● variable geometry nozzle intermix venturi for pre-combustion for speed, altitude and load;

Engine thrust: (pounds of thrust)
● ACN-L-50: 50,000 lbf, ACN-L-100: 100,000 lbf,
● ACN-L-200: 200,000 lbf, ACN-L-250: 250,000 lbf
● ACN-L-5500: 550,000 lbf, ACN-L-550: 550,000 lbf
Design engineering for the worlds most powerful and fuel efficient rocket engines...

● modular stackable design for mission capabilities;
● primarily kerosine, Jet A and high energy fuels;

● augment electrodynamic technology combined with ● mass reduction technology;
● the thermo combustion multi-physics and multi-dimensional physics genius at work;

● space launch and high altitude missions;
● Single state to orbit – SSTO – vehicle (
● augment & amplify space flight characteristics : (Ultimate Flying Machine)

● energy acquisition, fuel refinery, fuel production, storage, transport;
● fuel research, hydrogen production, kerosine, Jet A and high energy fuels;

● fuel containers, fuel lines, fittings, hardware, controls, pumps, governors;
● fuel and engine cooling, ignition and combustion thermo-physics research;

● friction reduction and shield generator technology;
● hypersonic vehicle and weapon systems;

● space environment technology research;
● Fortanium Advanced Materials Inc. - metal/mineral matrix, meta materials and super alloys;
● integrated space vehicle design engineering & advanced propulsion co-development;
● initial $5 billion budget for exit escape velocity – rewrite equations & evaluate your portfolio;

This really is rocket science and some people really like to burn fuel...lots of fuel.

“The most awesome engine portfolio in Canada!”

A new altitude in performance and speed in the Mass x Velocity Continuum.

As above – so below, as within – so outwardly

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven...

"My God, this is a rocket!" Dedicated to Jack Woodman

Does “Stand on guard for Canada with strategic enterprise, design engineering and Made in Canada” interest you?

NTPI-ACN.pdf “The most awesome engine portfolio in Canada!”

The Aerospike Engine Project is integrated with Orenda Engines Limited
( and is a co-development project with Comeau Aerospace Inc. ( : the SSTO Single Stage to Orbit project

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