Technology Projets

Techno-IEU - Integrated Enterprise Units:
Research and Development Projects
Electro-mechanical and Fluid Control Systems

Rocket Engine Turbo pumps
Pre-cooler, heat exchangers
contra-rotating turbines
air breathing rockets
Mach 5 SSTO continuum

Technology Development Program:
Advanced Technology Materials and Manufacturing

Technology, Design, Engine and Production Licensing

NTPI-ATMM : Enterprise ATMM Series :

Experimental and Applied Reseach :
● NTPI-ASP : advanced space propulsion systems
● NTPI-ATF : altitude testing facility and test cell
● NTPI-SP : special projects (alt. science, engines, energy, fuel)
● NTPI-MHP : magneto-hydro-dynamic propulsion
● NTPI-EP : over unity turbine generators, engines and propulsion

● NTPI-ATMM : Enterprise ATMM Series :
● advanced technology materials & manufacturing

● development, licensing, investment and acquisition options
● experimental, applied, prototype, super prototype and production

● Integrated fuel and ignition systems development
● auxiliary, custom, production, modules, components, parts
● intellectual property and capital