NTPI - Personal Technology Vision

Personal, personify, personnel, performance precision parts…ah yes this may appear to be all business, in reality it is quite personal. Why? Energy, intensity, imagination, enthusiasm, optimism and confidence, the love for building the most awesome engine performance portfolio in Canada! This is not only about engines, it is also about everything that goes with it, the Mass x Velocity Continuum.

This means the most exciting, from the smallest project to the massive endeavours, the simple to complex, some things slow and others extremely fast.

Mind bending torque to gravity defying escape velocity thrust.

Efficient, reliable, high performance exciting design elements.

High quality custom design engineered mission critical components and systems.

Co-development and independent projects in the extra-ordinary Mass x Velocity Continuum.

The most comprehensive enterprise, product development, investment and acquisition portfolio in Canada.

Everyday vehicles and machinery, to alternate reality Advanced Projects creativity.

Conventional fuel burning combustion thermo-physics to the state of the art and science of computational fluid dynamics and number crunching, multi-dimensional physics.

The unequalled opportunity to dream, imagine and build, transforming thought into reality.

Being in the zone with passion, energy, enthusiasm and intensity...doing the math, creating the parts, fitting it all together in a unified project that excites the imagination, challenges capabilities, redefines performance for the awesome experience of something that cannot be found anywhere else.

Unified with the first law of quantum geometry - where there is a will there is a way. After that, everything else follows together, with the unlimited possibilities of variable x, destiny is personal, destiny is national, destiny is the reincarnation of a soul group, something that exists out of space time and manifests itself from a dream, to a purpose, with sometimes no other apparent reason that we are because we can, we can because we want to. It’s the most exciting thing in the universe, right here and right now, that makes it personal.

Walk through time with me and look at the idea of the transformation of consciousness, from the Whittle turbojet, Turbo Research Canada, Orenda Engines and the Orenda Iroquois, now…National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion Incorporated, renaissance, transformation and evolution, individual creative imagination…without limits, operating in multi-dimensional space time.

The Mass x Velocity Continuum includes the economic engine, and the alternate reality creation engine, individual creative imagination, with an idea, a bold vision that creates the future with the pro-active resolution to succeed. The requirement for a strategic, tactical and operational performance capability exists. We exist to make that possible with independent, integrated and co-development programs. There are no limits, the future is wide open!
Open the throttle a little bit or a lot, it's good for your health and vitality!

Michael Comeau