National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion Incorporated - Enterprise Vision

NTPI has a pro-active and strategic enterprise vision based on the solid foundation of applied and experimental research and development of an awesome portfolio of programs, technology, products and co-development projects. These are the NTPI Advanced Projects.

The NTPI Advanced Projects enterprise vision includes an increased range of individual creative imagination to express itself, with greater power and freedom. This includes challenging projects, tangible and intangible rewarding experiences and opportunities to engage the heart, body mind and soul in something more up to speed and in the zone, for an ideal quality of life. Creating something exclusive, rare, fantastic, awesome, what you just can’t do or get anywhere else, is part of what it is all about.

The NTPI operating environment, is building upon an industry technology knowledge base, with creative solutions, new inventions, innovative and brilliant design elements that can be put to good use towards the design engineering solutions of dynamic performance characteristics required for challenging mission tasking of the NTPI Advanced Projects.

The NTPI Enterprise Vision offers relevant options for the private member and personnel in the Mass x Velocity Continuum. This includes an array of financial, non-financial, investment and non-investment options to optimize enterprise, technology, program, projects, products, business opportunities and personnel development. Anyone would need to look with certain intensity to find anything like it, or remotely close to it, for some time, anywhere...look no further, the search is over, right here and right now.

The NTPI Enterprise Vision, offers options that may include various accounts, terms, features and compensation, conditional sales contracts, purchase orders, co-development agreements, custom development and acquisition agreements and other options in accordance with mutual advantage to make it happen. This makes more things, more interesting...a lot more.

The NTPI Enterprise Vision is dedicated to the national renaissance and a job and career that pays, good paying, solid quality for the family, that is essential to the quality of life. This means no transfer of technology, skills, jobs, careers, production, machinery, or infrastructure to other countries determined to put us out of work with industrial warfare, government or enterprise sponsored treason, spy, crime and theft, economic and industrial genocide or anything like that.

Naturally, personnel have some very advanced state of the art strategic risk and asset management, so that ownership, control and voting rights is way beyond any conventional technique of the day. We don't need the obsolete management and labour relations and operating systems typically utilized.

Personnel are autonomous individuals with creative imagination with the capability to build great things. Providing an environment for creativity and excellence to thrive in a productive and profitable peak performance zone is essential, in both individual and group team projects.

Intellectual property management is at a whole new stratospheric level with NTPI, and this is awesome news for all personnel, investors, the enterprise, co-development projects, suppliers and clients. The opportunity for challenge, reward and the everyday and long term satisfaction and benefit of work is unequaled anywhere.

The NTPI Enterprise Vision regards integrity and altruism as a long term strategic advantage for all endeavours and the NTPI Member-Personnel and the ideal of providence in action.

Providence is essential to the creation of prosperity and abundance. A pro-active conscience and purposeful actions, loyalty like real friends and reliable allies, intelligent patriotism, true values and rock solid time tested principals can build a nation, revitalize and grow a community, generate successful enterprise and fortify family, maintain a robust economic industrial fortitude, express an industrious work ethic and securely generate providence.

Imagine what this enterprise vision can do for you!