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Hydrogen is actually an extremely clean burning fuel, it is not a fossil fuel, it burns and creates water vapour. Water vapour condenses and turns back in to water. Water can be processed to separate the oxygen and the hydrogen, and yes I have actually taken water from the ditch, with electrolysis from a 12 volt battery, created hydrogen and burned it. You do not need to be a rocket scientist, honest! Hydrogen and oxygen can be combined in various ways as fuel to create energy for mainly turbine, rocket and piston applications. Who would have guessed that combining two gases would create water, the perfect liquid?

Additionally, independent and exclusive oxyhydrogen generator engine technology can be deployed, with magnitudes of performance characteristics above conventional engine and fossil fuel systems. This includes cheaper, faster, cleaner and cooler exhaust temperatures, with secure supply lines of the worlds most abundant clean energy potential fuel, water.

The NTPI-Integrity Series vision of Pulse Detonation Engines (NTPI-Integrity-PDE) includes jetfuel, high energy fuels and primary and auxilliary hydrogen fuel. Being visionary offers plenty of room for individual creative imagination, and in the case of the NTPI-Integrity Pulse Detonation Engine can excel conventional turbofan and turbojet technology for compactness, thrust to weight, fuel efficiency, acoustic and thermal signatures in addition to operational costs, with the augmented or custom built engines fueled with on demand hydrogen, efficiency, savings, safety and performance is exponential to say the least.

The NTPI-Integrity-PDE-HHO (hydrogen oxygen fuel) and the typical "carbon footprint" is practically non-existent along with fuel additives,.

The typical aviation fuel industry "anti-life genocide practice" of leaded fuel, which has not been phased out or reduced to any considerable extent in the jetfuel world of commercial airlines, is also non-existent. This is like personal responsibility, which can be practiced by industry and enterprise. Leaded fuel is actually a bio-weapon of mass destruction…

The NTPI-Integrity HHO-PDE turbojet, turbofan and advanced propulsion altitude compensating nozzles…how cool is that? Oxyhydrogen fuel generators (HHO) can be included with piston (reciprocating) internal combustion engines for greater efficiency and cleaner emissions.

Guess what? No carbon tax, since it is not a carbon…we did not bribe the government, since we do not believe in carbon tax, we are carbon based life forms and plants need carbon dioxide to create oxygen. Hydrogen is not a fossil fuel…

We can predict the future if we are creating it…so oil, war, pollution, sickness and death or water, peace, fresh air, health and life….

Custom built engines of various types are envisioned to burn on demand hydrogen fuel, which are for specific vehicle, marine craft, aircraft, space craft or machinery applications…

Icosahedron Hydrogen Generator Fuel Systems Inc.

…by the way, the world energy economy is about 1.5 trillion dollars, but whose counting? Does classified and restricted technology with the ring of Official Secrets mean anything to you?