Personnel Relations

Personnel Vision

Working share owners in a challenging and rewarding environment with respect and generosity for individual creative imagination, having resources, machinery, equipment, space and a greater vision integrated in OEM, retrofit, co-development and advanced projects

Personnel who are attracted to advanced manufacturing and assembly with a more nationalist environment, dedicated to aerospace, defence, civil aviation and industries in automotive, marine, machinery, rail and road transportation projects, offer a wide range of projects.

Personnel may also benefit from strategic, operational and tactical work environments and mission tasking, in addition to ambitious and audacity in investment and acquision, research and development, business combinations, co-development and super achievement.

This is not a union environment. No union and no foreign union staffing services.

No enemies foreign and domestic. No enemy combatants.

No woke & broke, no foreign control, ownership or voting. No ESG or foreign reporting.

No anti fossil fuel, no anti oil industry…we like to burn fuel…

No stock market manipulation. No Class B non voting shares either.

No foreign technology dependence for anything…

Made in Canada Eh!

There are no limits. No speed limits, no endurance limits, no precision limits, no quality limits, no short term stock market values to compromise decisions, no limits on ideas, innovation, invention, or intellectual capital and property. No limits on manufacturing or assembly. No limits by critical main stream media, anti nation state, or other traitors or those who have no vision, no ambition, no creativity, no dreams. No limits for developing and supplying aerospace and defence technology, no limits co-development or any of the projects, technology and engines that are nationalist Made in Canada. No ball & chain, no broken dreams, no unachieved expectations, no limits on super achievement, for technology, enterprise, commerce, performance or personnel.

Loyalty, dedication, innovation, risk taking and excellence are essential.

Character development, leadership, and the capacity to get things done, individually and as part of a team are essential. True values and real family values are essential.

Strategic Risk Management and Asset Protection to keep intellectual capital and property safe and secure, with a comprehensvie range of investment, contribution, and commercial options.

National, Industrial, Enterprise and Civil Defense are integrated.

Nation state sovereignty and economic nationalism is integrated and defended.

The true history, and the lessons studied with that, the reality now and the future is very important.

Co-development and Advanced Projects are an essential part of our adventure and operating environment and part of a healthy quality of life and the greatest adventure of all time.

We will redevelop and rebuild the national dream!